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Skillshark Edutech

Meet SkillShark

Edutech Pvt Ltd

Skill Shark is one of its kind Ed-Tech start-up focusing on imparting 21st-century skills to youth. We aim to upskill the current workforce in Sustainable Technologies.

The team at Skill Shark strives to empower the World by Upskilling. We have strategic MoUs with Universities & Companies and associations with more than 100+ Institutions in Asia, Middle East & Africa for creating Skilled Workforces through tailored Courses, Frameworks, Events & Programs

We provide curated and Tailored Solutions for the stakeholders committed to create an Impact in the Education Industry

Our Journey started from our college days when we were part of the official Formula Student Team and Solar racing team of our University. Our acumen for Engineering always propelled us to serve the Ecosystem at large. And firmly realized that Project based Learning is the ultimate methodology for real Skill Development.

Here we are recognized and awarded for realizing our Impact through skill development. We love creating IMPACT and Skillshark is one of favourite

Our Story

Meet The Team

Er Akbar Baig

Founder & CEO

Akbar is a Formula Student Alumni and an Automobile Engineer. He is an impact driven Entrepreneur keen on creating value through startups to benefit the World at large.

Dr Ashhar Ahmed

Director Skill Development

Dr Ashhar is the go-to-guy who understands the DNA of student community and Education system at large. He is also one of the renowned EV experts in India.


Manas Dewan, AJP Group


Spencer Koryanke, Mpact


Ewald Boehlke, GEPA


Shireen Sultana, Kinderpass


Prudhvi, Supervised Learning


Venkat Ramana

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