Embrace the future with

Electric Vehicles 


3 Days Live Skill Development Program

The World has drawn up a blueprint to create a specialized workforce to support its electric mobility mission, which is expected to generate 10 million jobs. The plan involves creating a skilled workforce with electric vehicle expertise in areas such as design and testing, battery manufacturing and management, sales, services, and infrastructure. We are preparing the program to cater to the workforce demand expected from the electric mobility industry. Skill Shark EduTech aspire to become the source for transforming lives of students in India and across the globe through technological based skill acceleration fostering employability.


120 Minutes Per Day

360 Mins+ Interaction

Certificate Post Completion

1/1/2021 - 3/1/2021

7 PM-9 PM (IST)

Live Class

₹999/- Only

DAY 1, Session 1


120 Minutes

  • Present Automobile Industry 

  • Transportation Industry Overview 

  • Challenges for Mobility Sector 

  • Future of Mobility in India

  • National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 

  • FAME Program   

  • E-Mobility Evolution

  • EVs & HEVs

  • Electrification of Mobility: Technological Approach 

  • Global EV Market 

  • Indian EV Market Segmentation 

  • Key Market Players of Indian EV Industry 

  • Key driving factors for EVs

  • Supply Chain for EV Industry 

  • EV Ecosystem  

  • EV Business Propositions

DAY 2, Session 2


120 Minutes 

  • Motor- Definition & Principle 

  • Motor Construction 

  • Motor Parameters (Power, RPM, Torque) 

  • AC & DC Motors for EVs

  • Selection Procedure 

  • Motor Calculations 

  • Motor Performance Analysis 

  • Supply Chain for Motors 

  • Controller- Significance & Selection Procedure

  • Battery- Types, Chemistries, Power, Selection Procedure 

  • Battery Charger and Battery System

DAY 3, Session 3


120 Minutes

  • Battery Management System 

  • Motor-Battery-Controller Wiring

  • New EVs 

  • Retrofitting 

  • Manufacturing Technology  

  • MATLAB Simulations for Electrical System Layout 

  • Innovations in EV 

  • Testing of an EV 

  • Safety Measures 

  • EV Discussion

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